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Be Prepared is the motto of Girl Guides around the world. This challenges us to think critically as we work to meet the needs of today’s girls and Guiders in providing girl-focused programming.

Safe Guide is the document that GGC provides to guide Members in the preparation of plans for exciting activities and opportunities in their quest to deliver innovative activities for girls.

Safe Guide Training

New Members are required to take Safe Guide training within their first 6 months of Membership. Training is provided locally in face to face sessions and is available on line. The e-learning version is available through the Learning Library where you can set up an account and complete the training on line. 


Safe Guide Updated July 2013

Safe Guide has been revised to provide you with more direction and support. As well, some wording changes have been made for clarification but they do not change procedures. You will need to refer to the new document (posted below) when planning activities. All earlier versions are out of date.

Download Explanation of Changes

Here are a few highlights: 

1. The screening requirements for GGC members have been clarified:
    a) New members must have a PRC and two reference checks completed to be counted in ratio
    Non-members must be registered in iMIS with the Non-member Volunteer form (A.7) and a PRC.
    c) Volunteers who attend more than two meetings are attending regularly and must get a PRC.
    2. The Activity Plan (SG.1) and the Emergency Response Plan (SG.4) need to be submitted with the SG.3. The SG.1 nees to include more details.

    3. When swimming in a pool at an aquatic faciltiy (e.g. community centre pool), Sparks and Brownies now require a minimum of 3 adults.


    As of September 1, 2013 all activities must be planned based on the July 2013 version of Safe Guide.

    We recommend that Members print the General Planning for Activities section of Safe Guide for handy reference.

    Safe Guide - July 2013

    Safe Guide - Sections






    Download Safe Guide forms


    Fundraising above and beyond the sale of cookies

    Fundraising policy and procedure (In the Governance Manual table of contents, click on the Fund Development Policy and scroll to the information on Fundraising.)

    • Application for Fundraising Approval (FR.1) (Word /  PDF)

    Preauthorization of travel

    BEFORE commencing planning for travel (whether within the province/territory, Canada or international) submit for approval:
    • Travel Preauthorization (SG.8) (Word / PDF)

    Version française 

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