GGC is kicking off our spring 2022 classic cookie campaign

This spring, we have returned to the traditional selling method. We’re excited for girls to get back out in their communities to safely sell cookies!

Check out these easy-to-use resources that will support your daughter in her cookie-selling goals:

Useful documents

  • Cookie Selling Protocols EN | FR
  • Cookie selling email templates EN | FR
  • How can I support my daughter? EN | FR
  • Tipsheet: Adding cookie skills to your resume EN

Door hangers and leave behind cards

Leave Behind Door Hanger
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Colour Printer Friendly EN | FR
Leave Behind Card
Leave Behind Card
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Colour Printer Friendly EN | FR

Tearaway flyers and posters

Tearaway flyer
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Full Colour Printer Friendly EN  |  FR

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Colour Printer Friendly EN | FR

Social Media Assets

Use the text below for all platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:


  • Girl Guide cookies are here! Ask me about where to find cookies in your community.
  • It’s Girl Guide cookie season.
  • Cookie lovers, celebrate! Satisfy your sweet tooth and support girls in your community with Girl Guide cookies.
  • Change her world, one cookie at a time.
  • Keep an eye out for Girl Guides selling cookies in your community.


  • Demandez-moi où trouver des biscuits dans votre collectivité.
  • C’est la saison des biscuits des Guides.
  • C’est la saison des biscuits.
  • Bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de biscuits! Comblez votre envie de sucré et aidez les filles de votre collectivité à vendre les biscuits des Guides.
  • Changez son monde, un biscuit à la fois.
  • Ouvrez l’œil! Les Guides vont vendre des biscuits dans votre collectivité.
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Cookie Infographic