Travel Opportunities

As a member of Girl Guides of Canada, you've got the word at your feet. Whether you've always dreamed of hiking the Alps of Switzerland, catching a glimpse of a royal wave at Buckingham Palace, visiting Lady and Lord Baden Powell's home away from home, exploring a viking legacy or trekking along Canada's Arctic coast, there's an upcoming travel experience that's right for you.

Each year Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada receives invitations to participate in International events. An International event could be a conference, camp, training or some other form of organized gathering.  Sometimes these are sponsored by The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. They may also be organized by other member organizations. National annually organizes events just for Canadian Girls & Guiders. Please see the following for available events. 

The forms & instructions you'll need can be found there too!  Pay close attention to the deadlines & where your application needs to be sent.  Some travel opportunities are sponsored by your Provincial Council.  They will also be listed here too.  Be sure to check back often!!


Please see the our Provincial Guidelines page for information regarding Financial Support:


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